Types of Flowers

Infusing deep joy and colour in our lives, flowers are one of God’s best gift to mankind. Nature’s messengers of emotions, happiness, and beauty, flowers drive away the darkness of despair, bringing in seasons of togetherness and love.

Today, we have almost 250,000 species of flowers, which reflects the huge and immense diversity in the different types of flowers. The origin of all types of flowers can be traced back to a primitive ancestor, which has been inexistent on earth long ago. According to research, the most primitive types of flowers which exist today are the roses or the Rosales.

Different types of flowers can be distinguished in many ways:

Certain types of flowers such as roses can grow and reproduce even when a single stem is planted in a pot or garden under favourable conditions with proper care. Other types of flowers such as morning glories, wild flowers, and even poppies, among others can only grow by planting their seeds. Some other types of flowers such as tulips and daffodils, among others grow from bulbs planted in the soil.

Flowers can also be categorised according to their nature of occurrence. Whereas some types of flowers can reproduce and bloom all throughout the year, there are other types of flowers which flower only perennially and not annually.

among others are some such flowers which bloom especially during the spring season.

Some other types of flowers include exotic flowers, tropical flowers, and many other types.

Some types of flowers are also edible in nature, while others have a healing effect. African violets are flowers which are used on working desks and hospital rooms for their soothing and healing effects.


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