Floral Management

The subject of floral management includes several disciplines of study on flowers especially their production related problems which require the development of new cultural techniques for increased profitability. The approach needs to be ‘wholistic’ and multi-disciplinary that aims at solving the problems related to the production and distribution of flowers.

Flowers being very tender are highly susceptible to a variety of diseases which need to be diagnosed in plant disease diagnostic labs in cooperation with the growers throughout the area. There may be diseases relating to foliage, flowering and bedding plants. All this work requires a high level of expertise and fully equipped laboratories.

Another vital area concerning the production of flowers is the insects and mite management for greenhouse producers. The activities include applied research in the area of IPM and chemical control practices. Pest control is another important area of floral management.

Floral management also includes development of marketing and management information for growers. You need to be an expert in business economics to identify the areas of potential profitability and develop useful programs for greenhouse industry.

For successful floral management, you need an expert in the area of water management, solid waste management and composting and environmental issues that face the flower growers.

Floral management also involves electronic communication programs for dissemination of variety of information on nursery and floral crop production. Experts in computer technology are required to work closely with other websites.

Floral management programs need to study and develop effective safety techniques and educate the growers of flowers in using safety measures to protect their crops from pests and chemical fertilizers. The health of those employed in the production of flowers should be an area of paramount concern. So training programs and workshops should be organized to disseminate the information on security in work environment.


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