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When we cannot express our feelings or emotions on poignant occasions and important events such as birthdays, celebrations, weddings or even occasions of grief such as illness and death, we use flowers to convey them. That is why it has been correctly said that flowers say it all. Flowers speak the language of love, concern, grief and condolence.

We want to use fresh rather than stale flowers, as howsoever well preserved, stale flowers can be easily marked out and they cannot do justice to our feelings. We want colorful, fresh and fragrant flowers picked right away from the gardens.

Earlier, people would buy bouquet of roses or bunch of tulips from the local florist’s shop at exorbitant prices from the old stock. The choice of flowers was limited and people would haggle about the prices and also the quality of flowers. The flowers at the shop were not those that the customer always wanted. They might have been transferred from several middlemen to reach the shop and finally the customer.

The advent of computers and broadband Internet has changed the face of shopping. Now we have online florists selling a huge variety of flowers. You can select the flowers from wide range seasonal flowers at affordable rates. There are many types of flowers to choose from depending on the occasion. The florists display their photographs on their websites along with their prices. Some times the online floral shops are run by the flower growers themselves. So you can expect a wide range of options in color, size and quality. There are no middlemen to increase the prices. The flowers are plucked straight from the gardens as per your demand. It is advisable to order the tulips and daffodils in January and sunflower and Marigold from August to September.

You can order them from the comfort of your home. The flowers can be delivered at your doorstep within a matter of 24 hours. If you order them 24 hours in advance of the time you want to present them, they can be delivered at the nick of time.

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