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Flowers and Happiness

Make someone smile today, give them a flower!


Flowers have been scientifically linked to one’s happiness, as it brings a form of satisfaction to the receiver.

An increase and improvement in the technological world has lead to an increase in the pace of our lifestyle, thus causing an increase in our stress levels. But there is a way to improve emotional health, through an all natural way, flowers. Simple as it may seem, the effects are outstanding. Flowers are able to trigger happy emotions, increasing your feelings of life satisfaction, and positively affecting our social life. Why do you think people who work at flower shops are always smiling?

Certain research has been carried out over a period of 10 months, closely monitoring flowers and life satisfaction and their relation. The results were pleasing. The people partaking in the study showed that upon receiving flowers, their reaction was of a positive effect, showing heightened levels of gratitude and delight. The study also showed that participants of the study who were depressed or anxious, felt much better, demonstrating a higher sense of life enjoyment after receiving flowers.

It has also been demonstrated that the presence of flowers draws family and friends closer.

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