Wedding Flower Arrangement

Your wedding is an ultimate realization of your long cherished dreams. There is no better way to celebrate this special occasion than by decorating it with flowers that express your heart felt love for your consort. The choice of your wedding flowers, the floral theme, color and display represent your unique personality and also how much value you attach to the special occasion. There is a wide range of exciting wedding flower options to provide an opportunity to set a distinctive tone for your wedding and vow your guests.

Get A FREE Reading Now! The Budget

The first important step in selecting your wedding flower arrangement is to decide your budget. But remember if you plan badly you won’t be able to derive the satisfaction no matter how much money you spend. A well conceived wedding flower arrangement can deliver much more pleasure even at shoe string budget. Still make sure to earmark at least 8% of your overall wedding budget on flowers.

 Wedding Theme

Quite possibly you have never handled the flower arrangement at this scale except for choosing a bouquet for your mother on the mother’s day. The best course is to close your eyes and visualize a perfect flower arrangement for your wedding. Will it be formal or casual, elaborate or simple, bold or neutral colors? Are you a traditional lover of roses or lilies or want a more modern theme involving grasses, fruits and herbs? It must be noted that your wedding flower arrangement sets the theme and ambience for the entire event. Surf the internet, may be, you get an inspiring idea.

The Choice of Flowers

The choice of flowers and their colors should stem from your desired wedding style and theme. There are wedding flowers ranging from traditional whites and pastels to modern and adventurous dark hues and citrus shades. There is a breathtaking variety of contrasting colors and matching shades to harmonize with your wedding theme. Be sure to consider the season. Weddings in fall seasons may go with  rich toned flowers in burgundy, rust and deep yellows; winter weddings call for whites and silvers  while pastel and juicy citrus hues are more apt for spring and summer weddings.



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