Flower Arrangment Basics

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A good flower arrangement ensures that the flowers look well, last longer and cost less. Above all it should save your precious time and money.

Follow your instincts

Every great work of art generally defies established rules and conventions. So the first rule in flower arrangement is to forget the established rules and follow your instincts. You may have read any number of books and articles on flower arrangement that looks best, but there is an age old adage that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. So if the book of rules says: Never mix blue and yellow flowers together and if you like this combination, go for it.

Cluster Small Flowers in Groups

Though there is no hard and fast rule about clustering flowers in vases, this rule holds good in many flower arrangements. Small flowers tend to lose their identity among their bigger cousins, both figuratively and literally. Figuratively speaking small flowers will be overwhelmed by a larger and more dashing and aggressive ones. They get so much lost that it sometimes becomes difficult to pick and reposition them up. If smaller flowers are grouped together, they are easy to handle and create a more distinctive impression. So you can just place them up loosely or tie them up with a ribbon, rubber band, floral wire or floral tape.

A Singular Beauty

A lonely rose in a bud vase nearly always looks elegant and attractive. It would be a good idea to use single blooms in a wide variety of colors and types in different ways. You can float fresh buds in wineglasses, place single blooms in small vases, teacups and similar containers. You can also float larger varieties of flowers in bowls and other capacious containers.

Selecting the Right Containers

A vase is a pot that contains flowers, but sometimes a different container adds a new touch and creates a refreshing change. It would be a good idea to select a container that harmonizes with the type, shape, color and size of flower it holds. So each unique flower or a bunch of flowers may demand to be placed in a unique container. Even containers that cannot hold water may be used as vases simply by placing a smaller vase, bottle or any other container inside it.


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