Tropical Flowers

Tropical flowers are the best messengers that can say it all to your loved one. According to Debra William-Rich, a distinguished Maryland floral designer with American Institute of Floral Design certification and an expert in tropical flowers, “the sender of these colorful beauties communicates that he is looking for the extraordinary and wants the recipient to have the very best.” The flowers from the tropics have unique shapes, unusual beauty and extremely vivid colors and their sender wishes to convey that he puts premium on the value of the flowers rather than their price.
Some of the polupar varieties of tropical flowers are Orchid Stems, Anthuriums, Heliconia, Birds of Paradise and Ginger and so on.

 It must be noted that tropical flowers are heavier and hardier than their softer cousins and you have to pay a lot of money for shipping them. But these foreign born rare beauties have longer shelf life and durability and a constant reminder of their sender. Their life can be further prolonged if you unwrap them the moment you receive them and submerge them completely in a tub of water at room temperature for about 10 to 20 minutes. The reason is that the fresh cut flowers generate a certain amount of ethylene gas during shipment which may damage them if not washed off immediately.

Cut the stem of your tropicals about an inch above the bottom at about an angle of 45 degrees. The slant being longer than a horizontal cut ensures that the stem will draw the maximum amount of water and therefore last longer.

The tropical flowers grow in warm and rainy climates and they enjoy remaining wet. So keep them away from cool drafts at cool places and direct sun light. Spray mists them daily to keep the moisture content up and intact.

Change the water if you find it cloudy or put a few drops of bleach in it to kill the bacteria. Also do not allow any green to appear below the water line as it will decay the flowers.


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