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Meaning of the Colour of Flowers

The colours of flowers have their meanings. Some of these meanings have been drawn from actual human experiences. For example, we often blush when we express or receive the message of love and romance.

Our cheeks grow red as we blush. Therefore, red colour of the roses carries the emotions of love, romance, and modesty and so on. Here are some of the colours of flowers and the meanings that they convey:

Red colour conveys the desire for love. It is the colour of energy, beauty, courage and warmth in love. It tells how the blood starts racing up at the sight of the beautiful face of the loved one. Red also means the fire of love that consumes the lovers.

Blue colour calms our nerves and brings us peace and tranquility. It reduces our worries and tensions. It symbolizes openness, and serenity. The pale blue hues of hydrangea or the deep blues of an iris soothe our tumultuous feelings.

“Think pink and you think of grace, gentility and happiness.” Whatever the shape and size of the flower, be it the “tight, small bud of a pink garden rose or the delicate open petals of a pink caellia in full bloom,” pink color conveys a message of youthfulness, exuberance, innocence and joy.

White is the colour of immaculate purity, innocence, chastity, purity, humility and reverence.  White color evokes the feelings of spotless beauty. So the “the luxurious, silk petals of fragrant gardenias, the small, white bells of a lily of the valley, or the quiet drama of a dozen white roses,” convey a sense of modesty and elegance.

Purple colour is associated with royalty, rituals and ceremony. Purple flowers also symbolize dignity, pride and success. Whether they are offered singly or mixed with other colours in bouquets, purple colour provides depth and contrast that signify accomplishment and admiration.

Yellow colour brings happiness, smile and admiration on the face of the viewer. Remember how the poet Wordsworth felt when he saw ten thousand daffodils tossing their heads in sprightly dance. Similarly the yellow colour of sun-drenched chrysanthemums “evokes the feelings of joy and lightheartedness.” Yellow colour is also symbolic of a new beginning of peace, happiness and friendship.


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