Tips on Floral Arrangements

You might have often postponed buying fresh flowers just because you do not know how to arrange them in your living or dining rooms. Fresh flowers and live plant add a touch of warmth, fragrance and liveliness in your living quarters. The best time to bring in the outdoor floriculture inside your house is spring.

There are certain points, which must be borne in mind while making floral arrangement in your home. The most important is the proportions. A good flower arrangement has pleasant proportions. It looks proportionate and comfortable with the size, shape and style of the container. It must be noted that if you are showing a single bloom in a bud vase, you can ignore all the talk about proportions.

It is always preferable to select a theme for your flower arrangement. It means that you want to arrange your flowers and live plants according to some idea. Your theme for your floral arrangement, for example, may be springtime in Paris. Now, you may have your own notions about how the flowers look in the season of spring in Paris. You may read a story, a poem or a song about how the flowers bloom in spring season in Paris. The date or the month the song was written may suggest a style of accessories for your flower arrangement. You may develop your theme on the basis of a particular color or flower mentioned in the song. You could also be reminded of a place, time in history, an animal, a piece of art, pattern, a season, a holiday and so on.

You may look into some magazines, books, or, even surf the Internet for ideas or inspiration about what you want to create in your flower arrangement. An excellent way to design is to use the line, focal, and filler technique.

You may make a horizontal floral arrangement by using a relatively low and shallow container. Insert the focal flowers in the middle of the container so that they gently droop over the tip of the container on both the sides.. Leave some space for filler flowers. Having done that you may fill in and around focal area with filler flowers and foliage.

If your flower arrangement is at lower level, it should be a little wider than their container. Tall arrangements should be 1 ½ to 2 times taller than their container.


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