Orchids come in a tall and slender stalk. They are very interesting due to its flower composition. They have three inner petals and three outer petals. A cupped petal makes it very interesting and unique among other flower bearing plants. It anatomical parts make it look fabulous as they look. They are extravagant due to its delicate intricacy. Orchids are part of the most stunning and elegant family of flowering plants.
Due to its very interesting and appealing appearance, orchids have constantly attractive pollinators. They use several methods of reproduction which are using the scent, mimicry and stealth. Orchids have a normal sweet scent. It attracts insects as well as bees due to the rancid smell which lures them. They orchids use mimicry visually. It imitates the image of insects like bees and butterflies due to the patterns that its flowers posses. Lastly, the stealth method uses a technique which a slipper orchid lures the pollinator to the edge of its pouch. The pouch where the insects fall in is slippery enough. When it finds the single exit, it brushes off into to the pollinia. With this, it lets the insects get its pollen to be dropped in the ground. In that way, pollination will occur simply.

For quite a time now, orchids have been considered as a symbol of love, luxury and beauty. They are used by the early Greeks. They represent many things such as virility and extravagance. In China, they are considered as the "King's scent". Its fragrance is stripped off and used as the perfume of their King. This is due to the wonderful scent it produces. There are also countries during the middle ages which consider orchids as aphrodisiacs. They were used as ingredients in love potions.
Orchid collecting began in the 18th century. They are very rare during the said time. Only few people with rich resources are the only ones who get hold of them. With this, scientists started to breed them. It was said that William Cattley is the first person to bloom an orchid. It was known and named, at that time, as the Cattleya. From then on, the orchid industry began to bloom. It changes the flower decorative wonder world that the people live in.
In today's time, forests contain millions of orchids. In fact there are some species of orchids that are already endangered. Some orchid species even cost millions of dollars. Orchids from then on were cultivated and brought to a more sceptic eye of the public. They are now cultivated, as seen with the common orchids from floral shops, and used for sales.
Orchids have contributed a lot of things in the decorative world. They bring very special colors. They can also complement a number of colors. With this, people become fond of using them as decorative items in their home. They bring a wonderful atmosphere to its spectators. Its elegance and prehistoric mystery is very much appreciated by people in today's time. Orchids will always be attractive for people touched by its naturally heart-warming appearance.

Growing orchids is a very tedious task to do. They grow beautiful flowers and needs proper environment to be in a healthy shape.  Taking good care of it is very much different from taking care of other house plants. Here are some things to do and remember when growing orchids.

Orchids are essential in the decorative world. They may grow in different working conditions. As such, choose the orchid specie which naturally grows in your area. In this way, you may utilize its decorative benefits. The orchid's colors can complement other flowers as well. Working on a base color, there are a number of orchid species which go along with together very well.
Using it as a decorative item must not let you forget its needs for growing. You must present a good space to it where it can grow freely without any restrictions. Let it receive the right amount of sunlight it needs. Keep it healthy with fertilizer and humid surroundings.



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