Roses are very symbolic for people. They are the most common flowers you may see in a florist shop. It signifies many things. Giving off roses provide connotations of relationships. It may guide one in giving symbolic gestures in romance and friendship. It symbolizes memorial of time. There are many species of roses.  Some roses may have serrated margined leafs while some have small prickles at the stem. They may also come in different colors such as white, pink, yellow and red.
Among these species are the types listed below. Descriptions are provided to compare their characteristics such as color, time and usual place of blossoming.

Chinas are roses grown in East Asia particularly in China where it got its name. This type of rose blooms in summer and late autumn. Their colors also vary from light brown to tan. It blossoms in a great peak of season yet their number is not that many. They grow in a poor manner. Compared to other roses, they are smaller in size and less fragrant.

Bermuda roses are grown in Bermuda. They are observed for almost a century. They are evident in some flower shops due to its large number when it blossoms. They are unlikely to acquire plant diseases like nematodes and fungal infections.

Bourbon roses are known to grow in a known place named Madagascar. It was believed that their breed is due to the crossing of both Autumn Damask and the Old Bush China rose. Bourbons are like vines which creep through walls and shrubs near them. They grow off the coast of the place, climbing shrubs and tinted with a purple cane.

Mosses are the mutations of Damask or Centifola roses. They are considered roses though they only flower once. And with this phenomenon in hand, their flowers do not blossom that much compared to other wide-blooming roses.


Centifola are sometimes called as cabbage roses. They are spherical in shape thus resembling a cabbage about to bloom. This type of rose is said to be the product of crossing Damask roses and Albas. The same with moss, they only flower once. However when they flower, they blossom.

Damasks are roses which bloom once every summer. They are the most common roses. They exhibit the characteristic of possessing a thorn. These flowers may also blossom once a year during spring. They are commonly seen in colors white and pale pink.

Noisettes are roses that produces a large number of blossoming flowers every transition from spring to fall. With this, they are also a type of rose which appear common for people. They are the result of crossing between the China rose's Parson's Pink and Rosa Moschafa.


Albas are white roses. They are the oldest garden rose known to people. This type of rose is said to be derived from the Rosa Arvensis and Rosa Alba types. These flowers blossom once in every year during spring. Its colors are similar with Damask. They commonly grow in colors white and pale pink.


Rose Colors

Roses symbolize many things. They come in different shapes and colors. Through the years, people become more conscious with the use of certain rose colors. Symbolisms were appended to roses and thus creating specific purposes to each. From here, people can use these symbolisms to imply thoughts to his/her significant other without using verbal words.
Here are some common rose colors and their corresponding meaning. These meanings are highly known to people and must be taken into account in every flower giving event.

Red roses express one's deep love for another. Once given, it provides a great deal of acknowledgement to the other. Red roses also symbolize a fiery passion between couple. Giving a red rose like saying "I love you" to your special someone.

White roses symbolize purity. It allows one to convey spiritual love through the rose's color. It is also a common color in every wedding. The bride commonly carries a bouquet full of white roses. It is like the bride is telling the groom that being with him is heavenly and she is worthy of him. Bridal bouquet which has white roses also symbolizes happy love.

Pink roses mean grace and gentleness. It allows one to express his/her sweet thoughts towards the significant other. This rose may show one's appreciation and gratitude. It is best to provide pink roses to someone who will receive your "Thank you". Also, pink roses signify admiration and sympathy. This rose color is commonly chosen by people who give their flowers to their crushes.

Blue colored rose also symbolizes love and prosperity to the people who ask for it.  Blue roses do not really exist due to limitations genetically. Thus, to provide the said color florists commonly take out white roses and dye them with blue.  Pigmentation researches were made to produce the said rose color but as of this time, not concrete solutions were made.

Yellow roses signify jealousy. Even with a negative connotation, yellow roses were still given off due to its alternate symbolism. In today's time, yellow roses signify friendship, gladness and freedom. It is a promise of a joyous new beginning. It allows one to brighten his/her day with just a simple act of giving yellow roses. Yellow roses are also given as a congratulatory gift. With this, one can provide yellow-colored roses during celebrations and parties.

Purple-colored roses mean love at first sight. It allows one to express his/her enchantment with a person. It is like saying "you got me at hello". With this, one's significant other can receive a special impression.

Roses colored in orange provide ideas about passionate desire and fascination. A person may provide orange flowers to the person he/she is enthusiastic about. This rose color is great for a person who wants to start a new relationship with the hopes of making it last. Orange roses signify relationships you want to pursue in the future. This rose color may also refer to future partnerships in terms of business.



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