Lilies are great flowers composed of different colors providing warmth to its spectator's eyes. Some pictures of them available for public showcase their breathtaking colors and forms. There are many possibilities where lilies are used. They grow in varieties and can easily be grown in one's garden. With this, one can easily choose which type of lily to get during a special event.
Here are some of the common types of lilies.

Asiatic Hybrids are the ones who bloom early. Many florists find this type of lilies easy to grow. It may bloom anywhere especially in places where sunshine is generous. There is a lot of Asiatic Hybrid lilies proliferating in today's time. They come in different colors like, white, pink, yellow, red and orange. Asiatic hybrid lily flowers bloom facing up. Some of them do not have a scent.

Martagon Hybrids are lilies which bloom at a group called the martagons.  They are composed of tall lilies with the flowers facing down. Their leaves are whorled giving it a nice shape. Martagon hybrids grow in shady areas. They are commonly used in decorating woodland gardens.  Once established in a specific garden, they find it hard to adjust to a new garden with different with different atmosphere. This hybrid commonly has lily colors of white, yellow, lavender, orange, dark red and pink.

Candididum hybrids are lilies which come from species like candimum, chalcedonicum, monadelphum, etc. They are based in Europe and must not be mistaken with Martagon. They grow few and thus do not go popular with people's choice.

American Hybrids are native lilies from North America. They are western species that come in unique bulb shapes. They have jointed scales and they bloom in a balloon shape swing. They can be hard to grow outside the western countries due to weather conditions. However, American Hybrids grow well in cool light soil and dappled shade.

Longiflorum Hybrids are flowers which are raised from elegant seeds. There are not much record regarding this hybrid due to its rarity in usual garden set up.

Aurelian Hybrids are shaped as trumpets. They bloom in a serene and magnificent state. They are huge waxy flowers with a great fragrance depending on its specie.  Their colors come in light colors like gold, yellow, pink, apricot and plum. Nonetheless, they have backs of brown, purple and incandescent gray.

Oriental Hybrids are part of the exotic groups. They are easy to grow particularly in hot places. You may associate stargazers with this type of lily. They come in huge flowers and nice fragrance. Oriental hybrids can come in colors white, salmon and pink. They grow in rich soil with slight acidity.

Miscellaneous Hybrids are lilies which cross between divisions. They may be both Oriental and Aurelian. They are said to be prominent in gardens with oriental inspiration. They grow in hot summer areas then winter cold.






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