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Meaning Behind Flowers

The word floriography has been coined to assign meanings to different flowers. The meanings conveyed by flowers depend upon their size, color, shape, number or groups. There are moments when we cannot express our feelings and emotions either due to the lack of sufficient words or out of fear and embarrassment.

Flowers have been used for centuries across the world to express the feelings of love, admiration, passion, consolation, sympathy, joy, excitement and jubilation.

The color, size, shape, maturity or the position of the flower carries a meaning that “passion fears revealing.” If you want to say,” I love you” but start stammering at the sight of your loved one, the best way is to present her a red rose. Red roses are offered to convey: Be mine.

If do not find words to praise the beauty of your loved one, just roll a rose on her red cheeks and lips and it will say it all.

If you feel too embarrassed to tell your loved one that you cannot live without her, just present her a primrose and you have conveyed your heart’s desire.
If your loved one is angry with you and you cannot find the right words to say, “Please forgive me!” just present her a purple hyacinth. Rest assured you will be forgiven.

Imagine you are leaving your loved one for sometime, the best way to express: “I’ll never forget you,” is to offer her a pink carnation. Or, present her with a gladiolus if you want her to give you a break.

If you want to convey a positive meaning, you should present the flowers in upright position. If you, however, want to convey the opposite or the negative meaning, hold them upside down.

A ribbon tied around the flowers also has a meaning behind it. If it is tied to the left, the flowers refer to the donor, if, on the other hand, the ribbon is tied to the right, the flowers refer to the recipient.

Flowers have often been used to answer the questions in positive or negative manner. If you hold a flower or a bouquet in your right hand, your answer is ‘yes’ and if you hold it in your left hand, your answer is ‘no.’

The number of flowers that you present also carries meaning. If you offer 11 roses, you mean to convey: "You are my treasured one; the one I love most in my life". If you offer 15 roses, the meaning behind them is: "I am truly sorry, please forgive me."

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