How to Create a Floral Arrangement

The arrangement of flowers and live plants in your room can enhance its beauty and ambience. You can create a floral style for your room by making minor changes at little or no expense. You can pick up some tin pans lying useless in your house and use them as pots and vases for your flowers. You can repot the plant in a tin, or, place it inside the tin can top.

If you want to repot the flowers, you may add a layer of small rocks at the bottom to drain out the stale water. You may place a narrow glass jar inside the tin to display the fresh-cut flowers. Fill the jar with water and thereafter place some flower stems in the jar.

You can create your own individual style by displaying a single blooming stem in a patterned wineglass. This can be done by filling the glass with glass pebbles and inserting one beautiful flower in it. If the flower is small, you can use a raffia ribbon, bear grass or any other ornamental grass to the flower in such a way that the flower stands in the center.  You can make this arrangement for the dinner party.

Placing single stems of Gerbera Daisy in Italian espresso or demitasse cups can enhance the look of the dining table. You may use gold or silver markers to write the names of the guests on the cups.

Yet another way is to take the enclosed toothbrush holders and use them for displaying small flowers. Add water to fill the half-cup of the holder, replace the top and push the stems through the toothbrush holes.

Old toolboxes, milk bottle carriers and other carrying cans can be used as containers for small potted plants.  You may mix a variety of colorful plants in each partition of the container and create a beautiful springtime display to dazzle your guests.

You can similarly use old jars, jugs, bottles or even old shoes. Fill them with some earth and add a small plant to serve as decoration pieces in your room. Wrap the plant in some aluminum foil to protect the shoe. Alternately you can pot the plant in a small container before placing it in the shoe.

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