Tulips come from one of the bulb flowering plants. They are used and recognized in different parts of the world. Tulips usually blossom every spring. In order to grow them healthy during the spring time, one must remember to plant them in the fall. Tulips are one of the oldest flowers cultivated in different parts of the world. There are many varieties and colors. With this, people are given the chance to let it bloom at different times with regard to the tulip's colors. One must ensure the growth of the tulips at the season it must be available with.
It was said that tulips have originated from Netherlands. This country is most associated with the flower but no one knows how the planting started there. There are others which researched and found out that tulips originated from the central Asia during the time of the Persian Empire. The first tulip was reported back in the 16th century. Tulips became very popular in the 17th century. It was even used as a currency by people in that time due to its popularity.
There are 150 different types of tulips. They are grouped in 15 classifications in terms of groups when they bloom and the type of flower they carry. Here are some types of tulips that are widely known in the world as of today's time.

Tulips are usually seen in southern Europe. They can also be seen in North Africa and some parts of Asia. They grow in bulbs. They are also considered as perennials. Tulips may grow from four to 27 inches in height. Among the tulip varieties may come in two to twelve leaves. They petals of the tulip flowers are usually six in number and cupped in shapes.
Planting dates of tulips must be in the late summer or early fall. The soil should be well drained. The climate, on the other hand, dictates the tulips hole height for planting. During the hot periods, the tulips are recommended to be planted as deep as 12 inches. This is to protect the bulbs from the hot weather. They bulbs will be dug up after the hot season.

Here are some tips in growing or planting tulips. They are easy to grow given responsible caring from time to time.



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